Thank you for always being there for us during the good times, the good hair, and the three shutdowns. See below for all of the small ways in which you can show us some love and help support us during this difficult time.
Follow, Comment, Share & Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Showing your love socially is beyond the best thing you can possibly do for ANY small business.
Reviews: They are so hard to come by in this busy day and age but without multiple reviews, it’s difficult to get featured on bigger sales platforms. So if there is ANYTHING you can do during this time, please take a few minutes and write a couple reviews on us and our sister brands below. Doesn’t have to be long, even one sentence would be amazing!
  • A Google review is like gold these days, especially to get featured!
  • Yup, people still use Yelp, so a 5-star Yelp Review would be much appreciated! (Don’t forget to mention how amazing your stylist is).
  • Write a review for your favorite In Common products, this is incredibly helpful when new users are debating on trying IC for the first time 🙏
  • If you are already in the Beauty Know Know and love your Raindrops shower filter, please write a review here.

Follow our sister brands and show us some love on Instagram! Help our smaller brands reach 10k followers so we can utilize the swipe up link in stories! This will help us tremendously to gain traction to our website for sales and donations.
Other than using your words, here are other ways you can help:

  • Buy In Common products directly from your stylist’s link in their IG bio — want to know why? Because that stylist will make 50% of the sale! We raised the % during these tough times because we know how hard it has been for hairstylists. And this % isn’t just for our 901 fam, it’s for stylists all across America. So if you have a stylist friend back home, tell her to sign up for an In Common Pro account and they too can be making a little extra cash.
  • Raindrops, our lovely shower filter – the foundation of youth. Not only is showering in purified clean water good for your hair texture and keeps your color lasting longer, but it’s incredible for your skin as well! Make sure to get one if you don’t have it already!
  • Not just ours, but all charities have been really hurting since March. If you can, please donate to our charity, the BeYOUtiful Foundation. Anything you can do will help. And think about this for all your other charities you love to support. They need help too.
  • And last but certainly not least, if you simply just want to give happiness from the kindness of your heart, our salon Venmo is: @NineZeroOne 😭

Thank you for everything. We love you and appreciate you so much. We will get through this because of people like you.
Xoxo, Riawna & Nikki ‍👯‍♀️